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  2. This is probably one the best and most intuitive decks I’ve used. Compared to the reversed and upright meanings of the Rider Waite deck and to the elemental dignities of the Thoth deck it is far simpler to understand at a glance. An excellent deck for an experienced reader as it is for a beginner as it can go as deep into any card meaning and archetype as needed dependent on the skill of the reader. I use this deck consistently. Great for matters of the heart.

  3. Hi, Rich.

    I agree with you. The Cosmic Tarot works on many levels. Accessible to the beginner and full of rich symbolism for the advanced reader.

    I’m glad you stopped by.

  4. Hello I hope its ok I have linked your wonderful blog to mine, as I work with this deck along with another Oracle deck 🙂 I wanted the link to lead somewhere with the images whcih are so beautiful and also insights into the deck , your blog came up in a search 🙂

  5. This is the best deck i have ever tried , i bought it maybe 8 years ago and they have helped me and several people who came to me for advice. I love the Cosmic Tarot, you must have had divine influence when creating these.
    Bless You

  6. hello!
    i’ve owned this deck for a VERY long time 😀 i think i picked it up when i lived in germany a decade or 2 back. the one thing that may sound odd about this deck is, that of my other decks, they tend to give either a bit frufru fluffy bunny reading or a darkish reading. the cosmic tarot gives me what i like to call a “balls to the wall truth” reading. of all my decks this one gives me the most accurate unadulterated truth. it is my deck of choice. i prefer the stark truth as opposed to pretty gentle lies.

    • I agree with you completely about the truthfulness of this deck. I confess that there are times when I prefer more gentle readings, but when I want the truth, I can count on the Cosmic Tarot deck to give it.

  7. I have buyed it when i was 19y Old ! Also for 26 years ago! In this Time i tryed a Lot if other decks but it is always the best!!! I can See clearly everything that has happened or all that will come! Tank you so much dear Norbert Losche

  8. Hi, thank you for this great site. I’m an inexperienced owner of a Cosmic Tarot and I find this page a great learning place!

    • I am just starting with tarot cards and looking for a deck that I am drawn to and seems to speak to me. I really like the Images on the cosmic tarot and think it may be the one I should buy.

    • The standard among those who I know who read cards, when the cards appears /is revealed upside down the meaning is reversed…some say.
      I read the cards upright and keep my cards topside up, that’s just me.
      I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to reveal/turn cards again that’s just me, normally I draw with the right hand turning from left to right as the card is placed upon my cloth, be it a one card pull on the fly or a full 10 card spread.

  9. I have always been intrigued with tarot reading but never really tried it or study up on it. One day, maybe 23 years ago a coworker asked me to go with her to a witch store in the W. Village of Manhattan. So I did. While she was getting the supplies she needed, I was looking at all the decks of tarot cards. I happen to see a box with a women with a blue face. I walked over to my friend who was just completing her purchases so I can ask to see the deck up close. I walked the woman to where I thought I saw the deck and it wasn’t there. I described what I saw to her. A voice from a room just behind the counter yelled, “omg, you couldn’t have seen that deck” and comes out with a deck in her hand. “I was just opening a box we got today. Is this it?” Showing me the deck I saw in the display. “They were calling you, you HAVE to buy these”. I did. And even my novice self reading tarot, these cards are so intuitive and spot on. I still haven’t dived into tarot reading all the time but I do enjoy doing a reading now and then. I love this deck.

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