Ace of Cups

An overflowing cup represents the element of water in its original form.

Meaning: Abundance, satisfaction, joy, fertility, fulfilment, change, instability, unsettled.

Two of Cups

Surrounded by flowers, two lovers kiss.

Meaning: Love and its uniting power, union, harmony, sympathy, contradictory feelings, unrequited love, false relationship.

Three of Cups

A couple united in harmony at a lake shore.

Meaning: Abundance, exuberance, comfort, bliss, healing, happy ending, physical pleasure, excessively emotional, confused emotions.

Four of Cups

A young man beside a lotus flower pond

Meaning: Exuberance, uncertain feelings, weariness, diminished joy, refusal, insight, reflection, new possibilities, anticipation.

Five of Cups

On a stormy day, a depressed woman is sitting in a dark room.

Meaning: Disappointment, regret, sorrow, remorse, inheritance, new relationship, discovery of inner sources, return.

Six of Cups

Two lovers in a intimate moment, sitting in the reeds.

Meaning: Effortless harmony, satisfaction, nice memories,, recovered joy, renewal, chance, remembrance, longing, uncontrolled, emotions.

Seven of Cups

A man lies on the floor, tortured by restless dreams.

Meaning: Illusion, daydreams, ruin, imagination, delusion, illusionary success, testing of wishes and fears, productive power of fantasy, dream-work.

Eight of Cups

A sad man sits on the beach, the wreck of a boat behind him.

Meaning: Resignation, giving up projects, interruption, new point of view, strong needs.

Nine of Cups

The sun shines. A young man approaches a beautiful woman.

Meaning: Happiness, wealth, material advantage, success, physical well-being, imperfection, indifference, lack of sensitivity.

Ten of Cups

A woman with a blue scarf is sitting at the shore of a lake.

Meaning:Perfect success, satiety, calm, satisfaction, over-saturation, wishful thinking, without aim, disturbances after the climax.

Princess of Cups

A young woman with a lily holds her hand over a cup in a protective gesture.

Meaning: Sentimental, pensive, thoughtful, quiet, tender, romantic, kind, gentle, dreamy, sensitive, lack of concentration, indolent, insecure.

Prince of Cups

A young man with a scorpion on his arm. Apparently it is very difficult to judge him.

Meaning: Mysterious, inviting, skilled, challenging, plenty of imagination, searching, tricky, unscrupulous, clever, cunning, inconsiderate.

Queen of Cups

A beautiful woman at the lake shore. She holds a fan decorated with two fishes.

Meaning: Graceful, beautiful, kind, noble, dignified, tolerant, mediating, poetic, subjective, vicious, unreliable.

King of Cups

A humanitarian man in his palace. The sea is far away.

Meaning: Friendly, polite, humane, gifted, gentle, emotional, enthusiastic, indolent, dishonest, melancholy, easy to influence, tending to excess.


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