Ace of Swords

A brightly shining sword as a symbol of the element of air in its original form.

Meaning: Power, triumph, conquest, ambiguous, suppressed thinking.

Two of Swords

It is night. At the lake, a girl with a cat in the moonshine.

Meaning: Balance, through understanding, peace, calm, familiarity, ambiguity, vagueness, two-faced, contradictory thoughts, disloyalty.

Three of Swords

In a dark courtyard, three people dressed in black stand in front of a rose pierced by three swords.

Meaning:Sorrow, merciless, separation, alienation, grief, error, conscious insight, decisive realization.

Four of Swords

Four travellers rest in an oasis. They left their swords on a carpet in front of them.

Meaning: Truce, calm after a conflict, interval, retreat, agreement, concentration, mental work, mental challenges.

Five of Swords

A man lies in the desert, detained by five upright swords which pierce roses.

Meaning:disgrace, weakness, blame, late insight, clear perspective, new knowledge.

Six of Swords

A dancer moves harmoniously on a plain. Six swords lie at his feet.

Meaning: Science deserved success, achieved balance, intelligent behaviour, explanation, change in the way of thinking, new mental orientation, conscious association.

Seven of Swords

In a full moon, a woman walks into the unknown. Seven swords disappear in the sand.

Meaning: Useless attempt, vain effort, inconstant behaviour, unclear intention, advice, consciously defining a goal.

Eight of Swords

Two people, both captive amidst eight swords, are nevertheless separated and do not talk to each other.

Meaning: Disturbance, interference, limitation, conflict, blame, resistance, problematic thoughts, mental prison, delimitation of own ideas, great mental tasks.

Nine of Swords

During a war, a man falls to the ground by a sword. Another sword hits the serpent of life

Meaning: Despair, sadness, failure, negative thoughts, fear, acceptance,of reality, realization, brilliant ideas.

Ten of Swords

Total madness has taken possession of the person.

Meaning: Ruin, defeat, mental confusion, destruction, desolation, overwhelming thoughts, the lowest point was reached, acceptance of the unexpected, new mental horizons.

Princess of Swords

A young woman with a sword emerging from a flower.

Meaning: Conscious, skillful, practical abilities, observing, powerful, serious, severe, tricky, frivolous, vulnerable, aggressive.

Prince of Swords

A young man with a sword and a book.

Meaning: Brave, fast, foreseeing, agile, inventive, clever, courageous, a loyal friend, belligerent, daring, destructive, conceited.

Queen of Swords

A mature, conscious woman with a flower and a white bird.

Meaning: Conscious, concentrated, severe, graceful, attentive, quick perception, advising, good at repartee, cunning, cruel.

King of Swords

A man with a dominating look, a sword and a white falcon.

Meaning:Powerful, authoritative, sharp-witted, daring, narrow-minded, mean, reserved, stubborn, tyrannical.


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